Key Filter Company
In 1980, Key Dollar Company - the parent to Key Filter Company - opened its doors for the first time under the ownership of Hank Svehaug, its chief designer. Providing a product to the agricultural community, the Key Dollar Separator was its first product. Designed to last indefinitely, after five years the bearings had still not presented any problem. It has been on such reliability that Key Dollar established its reputation.

From this one product, Key Dollar went on to design and produce additional products for many companies worldwide. Paramount among all Key Dollar products are certain "key" features: variable sizes to select from, low operating and maintenance costs, low purchase price, and rapid delivery of product when finished.

As new and more diverse products came along over the years, the filter in each required attention. The result was the creation of a separate Key Filter division. With over thousands of filters now in existence, and in continual demand, it became necessary that a separate entity be created.

In October 2003, Key Filter Company - a separate company - was established and purchased by Tammy (McIntosh) Rodighiero. Key Filter Company sells all the charcoal (carbon) filters for other Key Dollar products and agricultural needs nationwide.

Key Filter's two principals - Tammy (McIntosh) Rodighiero and Mike Rodighiero - still perform the functions and produce the filters that have assured the continued growth of the Key Dollar Company as well as Key Filter Company itself.

The motto for Key Filter Company is "We can't be beat!" For your filter needs, look to Key Filter to fill them quickly, efficiently, and fully the first time. With low overhead, rapid responsiveness, and small company adaptability, Key Filter is your best choice.
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Key Filter Company History